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Do you have a Reusable Mug Program?

We are so excited to reintroduce our Reusable Mug Policy in store! This program supports our sustainability initiatives by reducing waste and rewarding customers with a 10 cent discount, all while protecting our drink quality and maintaining a clean space. This program cannot be applied to our mobile app.

Can you grind my beans for me?

Yes! We offer different grind types for all of our blends. Please use the suggested grind guide below to make the perfect cup.

Which grind option should I choose? Recommended Grind
Cone shaped filers (most pour-overs, flat bottom filter (auto-drip machines), Chemex, metal filters Medium
Turkish coffee, Espresso, Mokapot Espresso*
Aeropress, K-Cup Fine*
French press, cold brew Coarse*

How do I cancel an order or make changes?

To cancel or update an order made on, please email as quickly as possible.  We can not guarantee your request will be fulfilled before the order leaves our roasting facility.

Where can I find my tracking number for my order?

You will receive an item fulfillment email once your order is packed and ready to ship. The email will provide your tracking number as well as your invoice. You can also find your tracking information in the Order History tab of your Philz Coffee account. For additional tracking information or questions, please contact

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns of coffee to our roasting plant, as we cannot determine whether or not our quality standards have been compromised after the product leaves our facility. Since our coffee is vacuum sealed, all of our bags stay fresh for up to 120 days. We recommend donating or gifting any unwanted pounds!

Where do I input a promo code?

You can input your promo code at the bottom right of your checkout page. 

Do you offer expedited shipping options?

We offer ground shipping from either USPS or UPS. We do not currently offer expedited shipping options.

Where can I enter my gift card information?

You can enter your gift card code during the Payment step of the checkout process. Enter your code in the gift card field and click Apply.

When do orders ship?

Orders are fulfilled and shipped within 3-5 business days after placing your order, unless otherwise specified on the website. 

Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally due to current shipping constraints. We do, however, ship to all states in the US and US territories, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and APOs. 

How are shipping prices calculated?

Shipping prices are calculated based on your order volume (weight), location, and shipping preference. At checkout, the estimated costs from USPS or UPS are calculated and displayed - there is no handling cost. 

Are orders taxed?

We adhere to local sales tax regulations. Orders may or may not be taxed, depending on your shipping location. Prices listed do not include tax.

Do you have a community donation program?

For over ten years, we have enjoyed supporting our local communities with donations for fundraising and events. However, we are no longer accepting donation requests from our Home Office.






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